Thermal Analysis - THA -

The Thermal Analysis group is concerned with the experimental and theoretical characterisation of thermophysical properties (particularly thermal conductivity and diffusivity, enthalpy, specific heat, and thermal expansion) and the further development of the respective metrology. Their aim is to achieve a deeper understanding of heat transport processes in complex materials and systems. Also, the further development of existing measurement techniques and development of new measurement methods play an important role in meeting the new and ever more extreme requirements posed by modern materials.

A combination of highly developed analytical methods and theoretical know-how, furthermore, allows for the targeted identification of optimisation potential in the subject of investigation and for its tailoring to practical applications.

The group offers:

  • Highly accurate determination of all heat transport properties such as thermal conductivity and diffusivity
  • Modelling and simulation of heat transport in materials and systems
  • Optimisation of materials and systems as well as thermal management
  • Contract research and coordination of research projects

Head of Group:
Dipl.-Phys. Stephan Vidi
Magdalene-Schoch-Straße 3
97074 Würzburg
Tel.: +49 931 70564-350
Fax: +49 931 70564 -600

Assistant Head of Group:
Dipl.-Phys. Frank Hemberger
Magdalene-Schoch-Straße 3
97074 Würzburg
Tel.: +49 931 70564-326
Fax: +49 931 70564 -600

Services & Equipment


Measurement of thermal parameters

  • Thermal conductivity as a function of temperature, gas pressure, compression, type of gas
  • Thermal diffusivity as a function of temperature
  • Specific heat capacity and phase transition enthalpy
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion

Measuring and parameter range for thermal conductivity measurement

  • Temperature from 20 to 3,300 K
  • Pressure from 10-3 mbar to 10 bar
  • External load pressure 0 to 3 bar
  • Depends on type of gas

Measuring and parameter range for heat capacity measurements

  • Temperature from 180 to 3,300 K

Modelling and simulation

  • Simulation of heat transport
  • Simulation of heat transport in coupled transport processes

Material development and optimisation

  • Accompanying the development and optimisation of materials, components, and systems with distinguished and tailored thermal properties

Relevant standards and guidelines

  • Performance of measurements and evaluations in accordance with national and international standards such as DIN EN 12664, 12667, etc.


  • Stationary guarded hot plate apparatus for determination of thermal conductivity
  • Hot wire apparatus for determination of thermal conductivity
  • Laser flash apparatus for determination of thermal diffusivity
  • Heat flow meter for determination of thermal conductivity
  • Cut-bar apparatus for determination of thermal conductivity of highly conductive and hard samples
  • Hot-box apparatus for determination of the U-value of large samples
  • Contactless determination of the thermal conductivity of fibres and foils
  • DSC/MDSC for determination of specific heat capacity
  • STA/TG for simultaneous determination of the absorbed amount of heat and change in weight
  • Dilatometer for determination of linear expansion coefficient
  • Heating microscope for in-situ observation of heating processes

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