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The Energy Efficiency division focuses on the research and development of functional materials used in energy technology as well as components and systems based thereon. Key areas are the development and optimisation of materials and highly efficient systems for thermal insulation. This includes, in particular, vacuum superinsulation and high-temperature insulation as well as solar systems for daylight utilisation and low-energy architecture. Other activities include the development and optimisation of nanoporous carbon aerogels for use in high-temperature thermal insulation systems, the development of low-emitting ceramics and coatings, and the research and development of organic solar cells and electronics. Overall, extensive know-how is available in the fields of new materials, innovative components, and thermal management.

Member of the Board: Dr. Hans-Peter Ebert
Heads of Division:
Daniel Gerstenlauer (finances)
Frank Hemberger (staff)
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Fax +49 931 70564-600

ZAE Bayern
Energy Efficiency
Magdalene-Schoch-Straße 3
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ZAE Bayern

We work at the interface between knowledge-based basic research and applied industrial research. Under the motto "Excellent Energy Research - Excellent Implementation", we realize complete innovation packages that build on synergies between generation, storage and efficiency measures.

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