Systems Engineering - SYS -

The Systems Engineering group works at the interface between research and industry and deals with functional, energy-efficient, and sustainable energy solutions for buildings, neighbourhoods, municipalities, and the industry on a systemic level. Their work covers the conduct of feasibility studies and conceptual design, scientific support in planning and construction, as well as operational optimisation and evaluation.

The main work focuses are:

  • Innovative and renewable energy and utility concepts for municipalities and industries
  • Energy-efficient, sustainable district solutions
  • Innovative buildings (construction and renovation)
  • Monitoring of plants and buildings (analysis, operational optimisation, success monitoring)
  • System analysis and simulation
  • Energy centres using deep geothermal energy and biomass
  • Quality assurance of geothermal probes and thermal storages
  • Scientific advice and support during all project phases
  • Support and evaluation regarding municipal and national goals for climate protection

Head of Group:
Dr. Jens M. Kuckelkorn
Walther-Meißner-Str. 6
85748 Garching
Tel.: +49 89 329442-17
Fax: +49 89 329442-12

Deputy Head of Group:
Anna Kümmel M.Sc.
Walther-Meißner-Str. 6
85748 Garching
Tel.: +49 89 329442-57
Fax: +49 89 329442-12

Services & Equipment


  • Feasibility studies for energy system solutions
  • Development of efficient, innovative, and sustainable energy concepts for buildings, districts, and municipalities
  • Scientific advice and support for building projects at all stages, from conceptualisation to quality assurance during the planning and construction phases
  • Preparation and implementation of monitoring concepts for evaluation and operational optimisation after commissioning
  • Simulation of energy supply systems, buildings, and energy centres
  • Design of innovative components
  • District heat network simulations, e.g. to evaluate network dimensioning and investigate expansion scenarios
  • Data analyses for evaluating the functionality and optimisation potential of energy systems, from component to system level
  • Support in scenario development and medium- to long-term planning of energy supply systems
  • Development of software
  • Development and support of energy management systems


  • Software for the dynamic simulation of buildings and plants (TRNSYS) as well as in-house developed software and add-ons.
  • System simulations using, among others, Dymola, Simulink, Matlab
  • Monitoring software for large data volumes
  • Benchmarking solutions
  • Simulation of district heat networks (STANET) and geographic information systems
  • Groundwater flow models (FeFlow)
  • Engineering software, e.g. EES
  • Mobile measuring devices for on-site assessment of room comfort, plant and building technology: thermal imaging cameras, room climate sensors, CO2 sensors, lux meters, heat and cold meters, electricity meters, data loggers
  • Triaxial cell test rigs for measuring the hydraulic conductivity of geothermal probes
  • Testing rig for measurement of district heating transfer stations, residential transfer stations, and fresh water stations
  • Testing rig for measuring the thermal conductivity of building materials
  • Particulate matter measurement and exhaust gas analysis
  • Hot gas/thermal oil test heat exchanger

ZAE Bayern

We work at the interface between knowledge-based basic research and applied industrial research. Under the motto "Excellent Energy Research - Excellent Implementation", we realize complete innovation packages that build on synergies between generation, storage and efficiency measures.

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