From Basics to Application

ZAE Bayern is able to work on interdisciplinary tasks for its customers through targeted coordination of the competences at its five locations. According to the principle "Excellent Energy Research - Excellent Implementation", we implement complete innovation packages that can range from basic research to the creation of demonstrators and prototypes.

We work on a small and large scale - from material and components to application. We swiftly try out new ideas, quickly put procedures to the test and exploit the results obtained as effectively as possible in order to assess their benefits for sustainable energy supply. Even with 25 years of experience in applied energy research, we will improve with every project.

Fields of expertise

Our fields of Expertise

  • » Energy-optimised buildings and districts
  • » Energy-efficient processes
  • » Nanomaterials
  • » Solar hybrid systems
  • » Thermal analysis
  • » Printed photovoltaics
  • » Smart grid technologies
  • » Accredited PV test laboratory
  • » Applied IR metrology
  • » Thermal energy storage systems
  • » Electrochemical energy storage systems
  • » Heat transformation
  • » System development
  • » Solar and geothermal energy

ZAE Bayern

We work at the interface between knowledge-based basic research and applied industrial research. Under the motto "Excellent Energy Research - Excellent Implementation", we realize complete innovation packages that build on synergies between generation, storage and efficiency measures.

Annual Report

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