ZAE Bayern in Numbers


ZAE Bayern has two main locations in Würzburg and Garching near Munich as well as two branch offices in Arzberg and Hof.


The number has risen since 1991 from 24 to 163 employees.

9.2 Mio. € 

per year
the turnover in 2019 amounted to 9.2 Mio€.


Projects with approx. 295 partners
were realised in 2019


Final theses and 100 dissertations
have been written at ZAE Bayern since 1991.

22,1 %

of the employees are in training.
The promotion of young talent at the ZAE Bayern is also reflected in this employment rate.

A few Details on Budget and Finances

The Institute's budget in 2019 amounted to approximately € 9.9 million. In 2019, the Institute's revenues amounted to approximately € 9.2 million, including institutional funding of € 2.2 million from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. 7.7 million € were generated from third-party funds. The third-party funds consist of € 6.0 million in public project funds and € 1.7 million in industry funds.

Research was carried out in a total of 149 projects involving 295 partners.

budget 2017

A few Details of our Employees

At the end of 2020, ZAE Bayern had 149 staff members. The majority of employees worked in the fields of physics, mechanical engineering, and energy technology. Women made up 26.2 % of the staff, 14.8 % were in education, 14 persons were doctoral candidates. Over the year, ZAE employees submitted 14 Bachelor's and 10 Master's theses as well as one dissertation.


ZAE Bayern

We conduct applied research at the interface between basic science and industrial application. Our methods and systems aim to achieve CO2 neutrality and thereby counteract climate change through the intelligent and efficient use of renewable energies.

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