Fields of research

Our Expertise

In its core competence areas of renewable energies, energy storage and energy efficiency, ZAE Bayern combines materials research, component development and system optimization into a seamless value-added chain in an interdisciplinary research approach. The researchers at ZAE Bayern work at the interface between basic research and applied industrial research and deal, among other things, with nanomaterials, thermal and electrochemical energy storage, energy-efficient processes, photovoltaics, energy-optimised buildings and urban areas as well as smart grids and cross-sectoral energy systems (electricity and heat/cooling).

Infrastructure & Measurement Methodes

ZAE Bayern has a wide range of measurement and characterization methods at its disposal. We also offer these methods to external interested parties within the scope of contract research.

ZAE Bayern

We work at the interface between knowledge-based basic research and applied industrial research. Under the motto "Excellent Energy Research - Excellent Implementation", we realize complete innovation packages that build on synergies between generation, storage and efficiency measures.

Annual Report

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