Sector Coupling

  • Electrical storages and grids
    • District storage 72 kW and 330 kWh incl. weather station (Epplas/Hof)
    • Electrical load and generation measurement (PV) via first-generation smart meter in about 30 participant households

  • Arzberg Testing Site
    • Battery testing site with 20 kW DC power supply and sink
    • Weather station with direct radiation sensor and SkyCam
    • About 50 kWp of PV generators using different module technologies
    • Redox flow battery cluster with 90 kW and 390 kWh

Storage Technology

  • Calorimetry: DSC, STA, Calvet and T-History calorimeters
    • Temperature range from -80 to 1,500 °C
    • Sample sizes between about 5 mg and 30 g
    • Measurements according to the guidelines of RAL-PCM Guetegemeinschaft PCM e. V.

  • Cycling apparatus for solid-liquid PCM
    • Temperature range from -40 to 200 °C
    • Sample size of about 60 ml
    • 2 to 3 thermal cycles per day

  • Testing setups for characterisation of heat exchangers and latent heat storages
    • Temperature range from -10 to 95 °C
    • Volume flow up to 3 m3/h
    • Thermal power up to 25 kW heating/cooling

  • Polarisation microscope
    • Programmable heating and cooling stage for measurements from -190 to 400 °C

  • Density measurement for non-porous solids and liquids
    • Temperature range from -30 to 90 °C

  • Testing setups for determination of water absorption capacity of solid sorbents
    • Dew point temperatures up to 70 °C
    • Ambient temperature up to 350 °C
    • For sample sizes of several grams to kilograms

  • Testing setup for mass transfer surfaces for liquid sorbents
  • Cycling apparatus for solid sorbents
    • Dew point temperatures between 5 and 70 °C
    • Ambient temperature up to 300 °C
    • Sample size of several hundred grams
    • Adaptations to real process conditions possible

Systems Engineering

  • Software for the dynamic simulation of buildings and plants (TRNSYS) as well as in-house developed software and add-ons
  • System simulations using Dymola, Simulink, Matlab, and others
  • Monitoring software for large data volumes
  • Benchmarking solutions
  • Simulation of district heat networks (STANET) and geographic information systems
  • Groundwater flow models (FeFlow)
  • Engineering software, e.g. EES
  • Mobile measuring devices for on-site assessment of room comfort, plant and building technology: thermal imaging cameras, room climate sensors, CO2 sensors, lux meters, heat and cold meters, electricity meters, data loggers
  • Particulate matter measurement technology and exhaust gas analysis

Heat Provision

  • Solar testing setup and tracker
    • Thermal power measurement of collectors up to 160 °C
    • Thermal and electrical power (up to 1000 W short-term) of PVT collectors
    • Biaxial tracking

  • Thermal response testing (TRT)
    • Mobile measuring equipment for determination of thermal subsurface properties (undisturbed ground temperature, thermal conductivity of the subsurface, thermal borehole resistance)
    • Application: Coaxial probes, single, and double U-probes between 30 and 200 m in length

  • Testing device for TRT instruments
  • Triaxial cell testing setups for measuring the hydraulic conductivity of geothermal probes
  • Testing setup for measurement of district heating transfer stations, residential transfer stations, and fresh water stations
  • Testing setup for measuring the thermal conductivity of building materials
  • Temperature control device for long-term temperature testing of insulation materials
  • Climate chamber with artificial snowmaking
    • Snowing of areas up to 1 m2
    • Conditioning of large parts down to -20 °C

Heat Conversion

  • Thermal analysis laboratory for static and/or dynamic measurement of heat pumps and chillers up to approx. 200 kWth (hardware in the loop)
  • Vacuum testing systems for measuring components under sub-atmospheric conditions
  • Testing setup for determination of vapour-liquid equilibria of aqueous solutions
  • Leakage testing of vacuum systems or high vacuum systems (helium leakage testing system)
  • System for corrosion testing in aqueous salt solution environments
  • Comprehensive software models for static and dynamic modelling of sorption and compression heat pumps at component and system level