Our Profile

ZAE's Research Profile ZAE Bayern is a non-university research institute in Garching that conducts energy research ranging from fundamental principles to practical application. Since its establishment in 1991, our activities have focused on the reduction of CO2 emissions through renewable energies and efficiency measures.

In national and international collaborations with industrial and scientific partners, we research future energy technologies and their implementation into an ever-changing energy system. On the path from laboratory to application, we overcome all obstacles that may arise during the various stages of development: From exploring theoretical fundamentals, to experimental laboratory investigations and the design and construction of experimental hardware, to implementation into demonstration plants and finished products.

ZAE's Testing Facility in Arzberg Our greatest strengths in this regard stem from the diversity of our staff and our extensive research facilities. Scientists and engineers specializing in physics, mechanical engineering, chemistry, and other fields conduct application-oriented work, while also repeatedly addressing fundamental questions, for example from materials research. Our wide range of instrumentation – whether commercially available or custom-made – prepares us for virtually any application.

In addition to our headquarters in Garching near Munich with around 3,500 m² of laboratory space, we also operate a testing site for intelligent components of future power grids in Arzberg near Hof. There we assess renewable generation and storage technologies and trial their integration into the connected low-voltage grid of the Arzberg municipality.